Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anyone's Guess CD Release Party

  On Saturday, February 1st, at The Gibson showroom Anyone's Guess released their highly anticipated new cd March In The Dark. The cd is being split into two EPs for worldwide release through their label Red Dragon Records. Chapter 1 is being released on February 4th.

Kept Quiet
   The first band to take the stage was the relatively new Kept Quiet. Having never seen the band live before and not being able to hear a release yet, I didn't have any expectations going in to the show. After the foursome powered through their set it was pretty clear that most people, including myself, were going to leave impressed with what they had witnessed. With a mixture of clean vocals and screams and an aggressive instrumental backing, it was definitely a high energy affair. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on this band as they get ready to release their debut.
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Blaine The Mono
   The second band to hit the stage was one that i'm very familiar with. I've followed Blaine since their first EP and seen them live on several occasions. Their unique mix of bluesy rock combined with powerhouse screams give them a distinct sound. It's all put together with solid song writing and a good stage presence. The real draw here is vocalist Randi Stickles. Her ability to alternate seamlessly from bluesy vocals to screams and back again can be nothing short of amazing. One of the best rock vocalists i've heard on any level. They rounded out their original material by ending with a cover of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" that regrettably plastered the song in my head for the next few hours. Check out Blaine The Mono on Facebook and Twitter.
Anyone's Guess
   I've seen Anyone's Guess several times and they've never failed to impress live. This night was no exception. Their shows are always high energy and the level of audience engagement is never lacking. Bands should take note of the level of authenticity and passion that Anyone's Guess uses to perform their sets. When Sanja delivers the vocals it is done so with the utmost degree of honesty and respect for the material. Few artists engage with their songs in such an emotional manner. The band played several new songs as well as some old favorites. The set ended with the band showing their heartfelt thanks to everyone that made the cd possible. Check out Anyone's Guess on Facebook and Twitter.

A Brilliant Lie
   Closing out the night was the newly revamped A Brilliant Lie with Jason Lemrond taking over on guitar. While fans might have missed the on stage dynamics of former guitarist Tim Cook-Berry, Jason certainly did a more than adequate job considering he just learned all of the material. The strength of this band has always been in their ability to pen a memorable song and this was completely evident by the number of people singing along to their favorites. The band seemed to be enjoying each other on stage and it definitely came across in their performance. Keep up with A Brilliant Lie on Facebook and Twitter.
   All in all it was an excellent night of rock music that gave proof to the notion that you can put together a quality show from start to finish. No filler here, just a lot of local talent that deserves more recognition.