Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Rant - Music Promotions

   The Rant is something new i'm adding to BTG. It isn't meant to offend or cause arguments. It is however meant to start a discussion and make people aware of different opinions and get them talking. In the end I hope there will be some meaningful discussion and thought involved on everyone's part. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, share, and comment on here or on the Facebook page.

    The first topic i'm going to hit on is running a music promotion page and website. I'm relatively new to all of this. This project will be two years old on July 12, 2013 and i'm certainly no expert at this. In fact, if I had to give myself a grade on all of this it would probably be a D -. It has been a lot of trial and error and a lot of mistakes but i am finally getting around to making the project what it was originally intended to be. Thanks to those who stuck with me.

    During the time that I have run this project I have seen other projects come and go and witnessed people lay into bands and fans for lack of support and out of general frustration. I started doing this because of my love for music and the desire to help smaller bands find an audience. I think some people forget the original goal of their own creations somewhere along the road. A lot of bands share the articles I write or the video interviews, but I never ask them to anymore. I've always believed in focusing on what i'm doing and trusting that by doing the right thing that people will support you. I also believe that you should use your own work ethic to create an environment that helps bands get new fans. Relying on bands to create that environment for you by always sharing your page when you are not putting out any content is unfair.

     I'm not saying that I don't want bands to share the page or the articles. I just don't believe that taking two minutes to embed a Youtube video onto a blog deserves a bands undying love and devotion for your music website. Make yourself a good option for bands to come to. Put forth the effort to expand your social media presence and take the blame for any shortcomings. If you never take the blame for anything you can never hope to fix the problems. If you want a bands support, stick it out with them and ask what you can do to help. If you got into all of this to support music then support it. People can tell when you are honest and genuine and when you are trying to run a scam on them.

     In closing all I am saying is that no one owes me anything. You can waste a lot of time in your life worrying about what you think people owe you or the credit you didn't feel like you received. If you believe in something then fight for it. Honesty and hard work are always accompanied by shares and likes. Your rude statement about the lack of support you are getting from a band will probably be met with silence.