Thursday, July 18, 2013

Artist Spotlight - Trisha Lurie

   Trisha Lurie is a singer / songwriter based out of Santa Monica, California. The alternative rock artist is working on finishing up her album Romancing Neptune, which was partially funded by fans through Kickstarter. She graciously let me have a listen to the upcoming album and also watch the video for her single "Dark Side". (Watch the teaser for the video here.)

   Trisha embodies the spirit of classic rock artists such as Lita Ford in both her style and sound. From the guitar heavy instrumentals to the in your face nature of some of the lyrical content, it's obvious that plenty of influence was taken from the pages of eighties style arena rock. Don't let this description fool you into thinking that this is all the rising star has
to offer though. Utilizing her voice in a much softer tone in a song titled "Eulogy", she draws comparison to bands such as Letters To Cleo. While certainly showing influences from some very popular bands throughout her work, it never comes off as plagiarism. Trisha takes aspects of several different genres and artists and adds her own uniqueness to it to form a style and sound that is her own. While she can come off as edgy and loud on some material and thoughtful and elegant in others, she always comes off as authentic and real on all of her work.

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